Sneak Peek

I have a few topics I’m going to be addressing here in the upcoming weeks. I thought I’d give you all a little peek.

First, I’m going to talk about Mr Collins’ marriage to Charlotte as a reflection of his “marriage” to the Church. As “judgy” as Elizabeth gets with Charlotte for accepting him, his language relating to his profession indicates that he’s just as mercenary as anyone else in the book. OOOOH, the unprincipled Clergyman! I promise I’ll try not to bring up Monk Lewis this time.

I’m also still planning to publish that little autobiographical “Parallels” thing in which I talk about moments and events in my life that are similar to moments & events in Jane Austen’s life. Not because I think I’m that special, but because I am inspired by what she did with her moments.

And thirdly, right around May 4th I’ll be posting a summary of “my remarks” at the JASNA Greater Chicago Region Spring Gala 2013. I’ll also try to post some slides. I’ll be talking about Mr Darcy, so prepare to swoon.

That’s enough of a peek for now. Time for Jeeves to bring out the bathrobe.