A Pleasant Diversion

No, this blog is not about music. It is about my own recent (and slightly prolonged) escape from the world of Jane Austen. I reached my saturation point near mid-August when preparing for this year’s JASNA AGM in Minneapolis. (If you visit our shop’s facebook page & scroll down to September you can see some of the fun we had.) That doesn’t mean I haven’t been productive – I’ve written several articles and worked on a couple of Austen-related fiction projects. (Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll never go anywhere!) But I have pretty strictly abstained from reading Austen, or Austen fiction, or Austen scholarship, or watching Austen movies, because I just can’t handle any more of it right now.

“Oh! the comfort of being sometimes alone!” And Oh! the overwhelming joy of rediscovering some of my favorite pre-Austen-bookstore fiction. I spent a few months getting reacquainted with some authors I haven’t visited with in a while, and it was lovely.

I haven’t read anything worth mentioning in the last week or so – but I did find a couple of used Star Trek novels at Half Price Books. They are my brain’s junk food. There is nothing more therapeutic than turning off the critical reasoning half of my brain and getting thrown into the high stakes adventures of a rag-tag bunch of space warriors.

But I know at some point the old habit will come back. She’s been calling to me, my Dearest Jane. I almost unconsciously put a Pride and Prejudice DVD into the player the other day before I realized that my self-imposed Austen sabbatical hasn’t quite run its course yet.

All this is to say: I will be back shortly with all of the bloggy gifts I promised you. And in the meantime – I’ve shared my shameful “junk food” books with you* – what do you read that you don’t want anyone to know about?

"I do not believe young women should be trekking amongst the stars with a bald man."
“I do not believe young women should be trekking amongst the stars with a bald man.”

*Shh…, I read a couple of Dan Brown books too. I don’t know what came over me. They’re… well… he’s no Jane Austen, that’s for sure. 😉


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  1. I read Meg Cabot romance novels when I’m feeling frivolous or just too exhausted for anything more serious. She wrote a couple under the pseudonym Patricia Cabot that are set in the Regency era. But I love her contemporary novels too!

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