As a Speaker:

Mentor Public Library – Jane in June

Austen in Our Time

Monday, June 10th, 7:00 PM – Mentor Public Library

“We have seen a boom in Austen inspired books and movies. In her presentation, Amy Patterson will speak about modern adaptions of Jane Austen’s novels and the way we see her today. Whether you love Austen’s writing style, the era, or the themes of her novels, everyone is welcome to hear about where Austen came from and what she is being made into.”

Location: James R. Garfield Room (Main – Lower Level)

JASNA Greater Chicago Region Spring Gala 2013

The True Darcy Spirit

Colin Firth has defined Mr Darcy for an entire generation of Austen fans – and who can blame them? His smoldering good looks are enough to capture the hearts of even the proudest & most prejudiced fans.

But long before The Wet Shirt, other Darcys were making their way onto movie and TV screens, including the master himself, Sir Laurence Olivier. And long after the smolder simmered, Lost in Austen’s Eliot Cowan did an admirable job of once again steaming up the screen, although Matthew MacFayden left me wondering just which literary character he thought he was portraying.

Thankfully, there is one man who has come closer to achieving the “true Darcy spirit” than the others – none other than David Rintoul, Elizabeth Garvie’s co-star in the BBC’s 1980 televised Pride & Prejudice adaptation. He is everything Mr Darcy should be – young, stone-faced, a bit awkward, hardly the master of his own imposing height and lanky frame. He’s stiff and uncomfortable around women, condescending and a bit of a bully to Bingley. He is Darcy to a tightly-wound tee, and he brings out the best (and worst!) of the sexiest man ever written.

JASNA Metorpolitan DC
Remembrance in Austen’s Life and Works – How Austen’s legacy was shaped by others after her death; how her characters remember their loved ones after death.
30 Sept, 2012

JASNA Ohio North Coast Special Event: Inspired by Austen
Introduction: The History of the Austen-Inspired Genre
21 April, 2012

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